Q – Does Health & Safety apply to my small business?

A – Yes, it is the law and applies to everyone

Q – I am unsure of what training I need for my business?

A – We can assess your training needs and offer a tailor made package that best suits you.

Q – How many First Aiders does my business need?

A – We can assess your First Aid requirement with a few simple questions over the phone or via email.

Q – Can legal action be taken against a First Aider?

A – It is highly unlikely that legal action would be taken against a first aider using the training they have received.

Q – Once trained in Moving & Handling does this mean I have to lift everything I am asked to lift?

A – The training will give you the means to be able to assess whether it is within your capabilities to do so safely.

Q – What is the HSE?

A – The Health & Safety Executive (H.S.E) are a government body dedicated to protect people against risk to their health or safety at work. They also provide essential advice and information.